During your initial patient consultation, your physician will review your medical history (and your partners, if applicable) and discuss your family building goals. The INVOcell procedure along with other potential treatment options will be discussed and any questions you have will be answered. If you meet the criteria for the INVOcell procedure a treatment plan and timeline will be outlined.

Below is a general overview and timeline for patient’s following an INVOcell treatment plan. These steps will be adjusted, as needed, based on the patient’s specific situation.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Baseline Testing – blood work, ultrasound, and semen analysis
  3. Mild Ovarian Stimulation – half the amount of medications with 2-3 monitoring appointments
  4. Egg Retrieval & Sperm Collection – under conscious sedation, the woman’s eggs are retrieved. Simultaneously, the sperm is collected and prepared in the lab.
  5. Placement in the INVOcell Device – the eggs and sperm, in culture media, are placed into the small medical grade device and the device is locked.
  6. Placement in the Vagina – using a retention device the INVOcell device is placed into the vagina while the patient is waking up from sedation.
  7. Fertilization & Embryo Development – the patient goes home and continues her normal activities while fertilization and embryo development occur.
  8. Embryo Transfer – three or five days after the egg retrieval, the patient returns to our clinic and the INVOcell device is removed. Our laboratory opens the device and looks to see how many viable embryos developed. Our team then prepares to do a fresh transfer of the embryo(s) into the patient’s uterus.
  9. Embryo Cryopreservation – any extra embryos that are not transferred are able to be cryopreserved for future use.
  10. Pregnancy Test

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