Compared to IVF INVOcell provides:

  • Provides a more natural and stable incubation environment.
  • Provides psychological benefits to patients by promoting greater involvement by couples.
  • Minimal stimulation & monitoring protocols allow consistent egg collection and reduces the risks of ovarian hyper- stimulation syndrome & over production of eggs.
  • Lowers the cost of fertility treatments and increases geographic accessibility to more patients with equivalent safety and efficacy compared to traditional IVF.


INVOcell has been shown to be 4 times more effective than IUIs and has produced similar birth rates to that of traditional IVF in several clinical trials. To understand your chances of conceiving using INVOcell, contact us today.

Clinical Trial: Day 3 Transfer

450 cycles – supported FDA clearance.

INVO/IVF (INVOcell device): 330 cycles, 308 embryo transfers (93% of cycles), 78 live births total (25% of transfers), 98 babies born.

INVO/ICSI (IVF using ICSI): 120 cycles, 113 embryo transfers (84% of cycles), 29 live births total (26% of transfers), 34 babies born.

Clinical Trial: Day 5 Transfer

40 cycles – see study here.

INVO/IVF (INVOcell device): 20 cycles, 11 live births total (55% of transfers), 16 babies born.

INVO/ICSI (IVF using ICSI): 20 cycles, 12 live births total (60% of transfers), 15 babies born.

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