During your initial consultation, your physician will meet with you to discuss whether the INVOcell treatment plan will be a viable option for you to achieve pregnancy.

Who may benefit from INVOcell?

  • Women who have blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Women with a normal ovarian reserve, who stimulate well on medication.
  • Patients who want an increased success rate over IUI and the potential to have additional embryos to cryopreserve for future children (couples with unexplained infertility or ovulatory dysfunction, women using donor sperm).
  • Patients or couples who have concern with manipulation of eggs, sperm and embryos in the lab or who want to have fertilization and embryo incubation occur in the natural environment of the body (temperature, pH, etc)
  • Couples with religious beliefs that limit the fertility treatment plans they are comfortable pursuing.
  • Those who are unable to pursue IVF, due to cost, and meet the above criteria.

If any of the below are true, the INVOcell procedure will not be an appropriate treatment path for you:

  • Significant diminished ovarian reserve where more medication is required to stimulate the ovaries.
  • Low sperm quality and/or count where the sperm would not be able to inseminate the egg without the help of laboratory procedures (mild male factor may still be considered).

INVOcell allows patients previously prevented from pursuing IVF a lower cost alternative to achieve their family building goals. INVOcell also address religious and ethical factors of patients who want a treatment cycle that more closely follows a natural cycle.

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